The fear of death in games

Or rather, the lack thereof. This is a look into a very crucial aspect of gaming that I think can be explored further. I began thinking about this issue when watching Children of Men. If you have seen Children of Men, skip this next paragraph. If you have not, please read carefully.

Spoiler Alert: The following may contain something considered to be spoilers of the movie Children of Men. I don’t think I am giving any plot points away, and even if I do so unwittingly, I do not think that anything that you read here will deter you from watching said movie, because it’s fucking awesome and deserves to be seen. I also talk a bit about Heavy Rain and Killer 7 but it’s also very vague, so it really shouldn’t ruin anything for you. With that said...

So yeah, Children of Men, an awesome movie depicting a rather grim and bleak take on a possible future outcome for the human race where people are unable to reproduce. When a woman is found to be pregnant, all hell breaks loose, and Clive Owen must be the bad enough dude to save her from the Dragoninja… or some other radical factions interested in snatchin’ that baby up. One scene from the film, a movie that features explosions from terrorist groups as a part of day to day life and a crazy exploding bike scene, stood out as being exceptionally crazy and rather jarring at that; a long single take in which the protagonist is running in slippers through a prison to rescue the pregnant woman from an extremist group while a military suppression of a full blown prison riot is going on around him and the group that kidnapped her.

It’s all sorta Call of Duty from here, except Clive Owen doesn’t have a gun, and he’s running in slippers. While that might not sound like any CoD game you’ve heard of, the fact of the matter is that CoD is just bullshit. Real men try to rescue the last hope for civilization in slippers, while running on broken glass, not riding a raft with a machine gun in a largely scripted fashion. Clive Owen is forced to run on a sliced open foot in both a cautious and very purposeful manner as he puts Marcus Fenix to shame while taking cover behind little bits of brick walls, broken down cars, inside abandoned buses, areas already occupied by uninterested civilians who kick him out of their cover, and more as he tries to duck shots fired from any one who just happens to be shooting guns, or tank cannons, hist way.