A Change is Gonna Come

Games are on the precipice of something huge. 

A recent report stated that Hollywood is losing $10 billion a year over a lack of Black representation. We’ve seen in Hollywood a number of amazing Black led shows and movies in the last decade, but in games, we’re only just starting to see an amazing group of Black creatives starting to emerge and make amazing projects.

We can make all of the diverse spaces we want, but until we are making exceptional efforts for mentorship and funding, we are failing the Black creatives who we, as an industry, so desperately need to be making games. Successful indie developers, indie publishers, funds, and bigger companies need to come together to recognize the racial, cultural, and ethnic gaps in our art form and work to fund the exceptional projects made by Black creatives that may be outside of their comfort zones, and hire people who do not fit in their company “fit” to be decision makers. 

Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song | Kanopy

When we think about why the games industry is the way that it is, it’s important to analyze the last 50 years of development. Whereas film saw an influx of funding for Black creatives making Black cinema (that was very popular among everyone) in the late 60s – 70s, games have yet to see that moment, where money shifts to support a shift in culture. 

Nuchallenger is here to shift that. We’re changing what types of games get made, how they get made, and who gets help to get their games out on platforms. We’re a Black owned company, and we believe the time has come to see that cultural change in games. 

If you’re a like minded individual looking to change the games industry, reach out to me at Shawn At Nuchallenger Dot Com.